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Damen Priestley Dume, popularly known as Duprie is a Cameroonian Afropop and R&B singer & songwriter. Performing at community shows and school competitions as a teenager, Duprie's musical aspiration was influenced by Michael Jackson. With the emergence of Afro-beats, Duprie discovered his exceptional talent in Afro-R&B and has since established himself as a steady presence in the genre.


While pursuing his B.Sc. degree at Brown University in the USA, Duprie teamed up with his close friend Rex Mukete and together they Co-founded Damrex Records; a label he is still affiliated to. After working on multiple projects as a songwriter, Duprie's career as a solo musical artist took flight in 2021 with the release of his debut single "Le Ndem". Since then, he has maintained a steadily growing catalog with high profile collaborations.

Duprie aims to utilize his musical versatility to incorporate Afro-R&B into all genres worldwide and propel Cameroonian and African music on a global platform. This can be evidenced by his track record for working with talented artists and producers in Africa and across the globe. He seeks not just to enhance the growing presence of Afrobeats but also to showcase and promote African communities and cultures; an inspiration that has always been the fuel to his undying passion for music. 

Duprie is currently based in the United States and continues to collaborate with artists from all over the world and in all genres.

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